RSPO Certified Sustainable Palm Oil and Coconut Oil! Sold by the Kg!!!

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Our Ingredients

Our soaps contain 35% Goat’s Milk from local area herders or Rainwater that we collect.  Rainwater has the perfect PH levels and a low mineral content, perfected by nature!


Cold Processed

We make all of our soaps using the cold-process method.  Once the sodium hydroxide solution is added to the melted fats and oils, no external heat is required to keep the soap making reaction going.  The heat of the ingredients is plenty to drive the reaction to completion.


Finished with Care

Each and every bar of soap is hand cut, and polished to make a nice smooth, beautiful looking, wonderful smelling, sensational bar of soap!

Our eco-friendly soaps are cured to ensure a soap that lasts


All Natural

All Handmade

All Handmade

Inspired by nature, our handcrafted soaps are a soothing way to keep your skin healthy, clean and beautiful.


All Handmade

All Handmade

All Handmade

All Opeongo Soaps natural handmade soaps have

no castoreum,  no phthalates, no alcohol,  no formaldehyde, no sulphates making these the most pure natural handmade soaps!


All Pure

All Handmade

All Pure

All our handcrafted soaps are produced in the Ottawa Valley.
We use natural rainwater to reduce the mineral content and achieve a proper pH balance. Therefore, our products are friendly to your skin as well as the environment. 
Our goal is to create luxury soaps of the highest quality for an affordable price.


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